Can Reflexology Reduce Pain for Cancer Patients?

A number of patients seeking reflexology are doing so because of cancer treatments that are causing them a lot of pain. We are asked many times if reflexology can be beneficial for cancer patients and the correct answer is for some yes, but not for all.

A recent study may force a change to that answer however. During a study of pain and anxiety in cancer patients, reflexology was proven as a source of relief. A 45-60 minute reflexology session was given to the study’s patients and the results showed a significant decrease in the amounts of pain and anxiety for the group.

The conclusion of the study went one-step further by making this recommendation:

Hospitals could have qualified professionals offer reflexology as a complementary therapy and teach interested partners the modality.

You can read the full study on reflexology on cancer patients here.

Reflexology for Infertility

Many women trying reflexology for the first time have a specific reason for turning to the therapy. More often that not, recently that reason has been for infertility.

The cost and side effects that come with prescriptions that claim to help infertility can be staggering. Reflexology offers a safe, natural alternative to infertility and a new study in Britain has been launched to research and record just how much of a difference reflexology makes in helping infertility problems. In my experience I’ve seen first hand how much of a difference reflexology can make for some clients, I’m excited to see the results of the new study.

Read the full article on reflexology for infertility here.