Reflexology and Cleansing

A great way to detoxify the body is through reflexology. This therapy works on all major systems of the body and can give amazing results in a short amount of time.

In today’s environment there are toxins around us. We eat, breath and absorb them in our bodies which creates the many health problems that we see today. A full reflexology treatment can help you:

  • Be more energetic
  • Reduce stress
  • Improve a sluggish immune system
  • Increase energy and improve blood circulation

The more that the blood and the lymphatic fluids are flowing freely, the more your organs will benefit and begin to work with full capacity. Reflexology helps return the natural blood flows throughout the body while special techniques, usually applied to the tops of your feet, help lymphatic fluids drain consistently.

Reflexology as a first step to a cleanse or body detox is a great choice. Choosing to do a traditional body detox or cleanse (like the gall bladder, kidney and liver cleanse) along with reflexology will only help move things along faster, giving you the feeling of renewal throughout your body.