Reflexolgy and Neck Pain

There are millions of people in the world that are constantly living with acute or chronic neck pain. People in general just tend to live with this pain when there is no need to. Reflexology is a natural, virtually pain free therapy that has had amazing results in this specific ailment or injury. There are many cases where clients have had results in a very short time and with maintenance, this could be a problem in the past very quickly.

We need to take care of our spine and the cervical vertebrae is an extremely important part of the neck that needs immediate attention when there is injury or discomfort. What many don’t realize is that there are other issues in the body that are directly linked to the spine, specifically the cervical vertebrae that can cause discomfort in areas that you may not have made the connection. Because the neck is located so close to the shoulders, most time this is a combined complaint and can be addressed through a certified reflexologist.  Though these pressure points are located on different parts of the foot, the body all works together and tension in the shoulders due to a neck pain can be relieved in a full reflexology session. A reflexologist will work the whole foot, (both feet equals the whole body) and specifically work the areas that relate to the neck. The beginning of the big toe on both feet, front and back will be stimulated and may be slightly painful but once the pressure is done there should be no pain.The shoulders on the foot are located under the small toe on the pad beneath it. There is also a general area across the foot on the top and bottom that runs from one side to the other, which equals to the length of the shoulders on the body. Shoulders are always worked on in a reflexology session when a client complains of neck pain, this is all related and has to have special attention to relieve the pain. Sometimes during a reflexology session there is a little discomfort but is definitely needed to increase the blood flow to the problem area to relieve any blockages and get the healing started. Increased blood flow to the neck means the organ, body part or gland will be functioning at its best and you will start to feel better quick.

Reflexology is all about treating the whole body and when the body as a whole is working at its best, your client will feel balanced and have a sense of well being. This is a proven therapy for all types of neck injuries and has given the client a holistic approach to relieving a variety of neck and shoulder issues. Reflexology will not hurt anyone and all ages can use this therapy. A trained certified reflexologist will know how much pressure and the amount of time to work on an individual for optimum results.