Pregnancy and Reflexology

Every woman who has been pregnant can relate to the general discomfort of one or more body parts during the course of 9+ months. Some women go past their due date and body aches and pains start to take over. Hips start to widen, pelvis starts to ache, sciatic pain or back pain tends to set in when carrying the extra weight due to pregnancy. Reflexology is a great natural therapy that will be able to relieve those aches and pains without any adverse side effects in very little time.

A trained certified reflexologist knows that all the bodies systems have to be working together for the best outcome of a reflexology session. We can normalize a woman’s body by getting all organs and glands the blood flow that is needed to stay healthy, happy and pain free. Working both feet or hands for a full session by a reflexologist will lubricate all areas of the body that are of concern and stimulate the lymphatic flow so it is moving freely throughout and eliminate all toxins or viruses that tend to hang around in this clear fluid. By elimination, we mean though urinating, bowel movements or sweating. Do not be surprised if there are many bowel movements after a session of reflexology, this is very common and very good!

There has been many reflexologists that have been called upon to help naturally stimulate labor. This can work very well if the woman is ready to give birth and is showing some symptoms that the baby is coming soon.

There are numerous areas of the foot, hand and ear that work to stimulate contractions but will have different reactions for everyone. Through the years of practicing reflexology, refelxologists have come across some unusual feelings when stimulating certain areas. When putting pressure on the general sex organs of the client though the foot, there has been a uncontrollable itching in that specific area of the foot. It’s like a mosquito bite that would not go away. That specific area is located in the middle of the bottom of the foot where the arch is usually located.There are many areas that you can stimulate the reproductive system through the feet. Both sides of the heel, directly down from the ankle is the uterus and vagina. These areas tend to be very tender for the sole reason that they are preparing for labor.

Reflexology has been used many times during labor to help with pain management. There is a very specific gland located easily in the hand and foot called the pituitary gland. When stimulated correctly, this will help release the hormone Oxycontin which is naturally produced in the body and amazingly will help manage the pain of labor.

Reflexology has been around for any years, since the Egyptian time and has been used in most cultures around the world to help normalize a woman’s body for various reasons.
Not only will this natural therapy help with the discomforts of pregnancy and with pain management during labor but it will also help the reproductive system of a woman’s body work to its best way possible to accept the fertilization process. If a woman’s organs, body parts and glands are at their peak, this will only lead to a vibrant, healthy pregnancy.