Decreasing stress with reflexology

Who doesn’t have stress? There is no avoiding this issue in our fast paced society today so why not manage it with a little relaxation and a full body work over with a reflexology treatment? Reflexology is a great way to unwind the body and work all major systems that are related to the stress most of us carry around day to day.

Reflexology works the body as a whole and every organ, body part and gland are targeted during a full session. Since stress effects the whole body, it is only natural that as a therapist we recognize this and make sure all areas are stimulated. When treating a client for stress or related issues, the body releases the feel good hormones like serotonin. The body then starts the process of healing which will put you in a relaxed state of mind, body temperature lowers and then specific areas will be targeted through pressure points of the foot, hand or ear.

The nervous system is a very important system of the body to work with when dealing with a highly stressed out individual. The client may not make the connection but there are probably going to be areas in the body that they have not made a connection to that are giving them grief as well. Eyes, ears, pain in the center of the chest,(solar plexis). These are some of the related areas of the nervous system. When working on stressed out individuals, the endocrine system also plays a major part in the recovery process. This is your hormone based system in the body and trained therapist know to work both systems well when dealing with stress. If a person is not sleeping well, the body goes into overdrive and the hormones in your body are all mixed up. Reflexology will balance this all out and allow the healing to rake place once the individual can relax and reduce stress.

Experts say that up to 90% of all disease is caused by stress. That is a huge number and more alarmingly, most of us do not manage stress properly and have all kinds of serious problems and illnesses that are not being dealt with at all. High blood pressure, heart palpitations, skin conditions, stroke, high cholesterol, shingles, sleep problems, constipation, these are some of the conditions that happen when stress is not managed properly.