Reflexology and the Surprising Bowel Benefits

No matter the reason you are seeking out a reflexologist, the amount of benefits to your body is virtually the same for everyone.
By increasing blood flow throughout the body and getting the lymphatic fluid to flow as freely as possible, the outcome is always positive. When a certified reflexologist performs a session on a client, the goal is to balance the body mentally, physically and spiritually. When doing this through stimulation, the organs, body parts and glands start to function better.
The result is that you feel energized and more alert because the body is working at its best. This is different for every client  and the reflexologist will be able to determine the individual improvement over a course of sessions.
The surprising results to most clients after they start reflexology is that they tend to sleep better and have more frequent bowel movements.
This therapy is great for balancing out the hormonal system and making sure all glandular hormones are working at their best. The pineal gland is responsible for the sleep/wake cycle in the body, along with regulating the sex hormones.

A clean bowel is the best health tip most natural practitioners will give you since an unhealthy colon can cause so many other problems and diseases, its best to keep as regular as possible. This is not easy for some and reflexology can help with this.

Better Bowel Movements with Reflexology

There is nothing better than to have a “clean” internal system and the comfort knowing that bowel movements come several times a day without a thought to a lot of us.

Unfortunately most of us from time to time have issues with our colon and proves to be very difficult to avoid for many. Whether you are a new born or a senior, reflexology will help get the digestive system working at the best of it’s ability for your specific body.

A healthy individual should have bowel movements about 2-4 hours after each meal, three times a day is best. When this happens the bowels are clean and has little to no parasites or bad bacteria and yeast to complicate the whole digestive system. Headaches will start to decrease and back pain will minimize. The whole body is connected and when an organ, body part or gland is not working at it’s best, systems start to slowly fail and one problem starts to become a chain of many more.

There are special techniques that a reflexologist can do to increase bowel movements that will help many other areas of the body function at its best and in a whole make you feel relaxed and energized. The colon in reflexology is spread across both hands or feet and needs to be firmly stimulated by specific direct pressure.

There are also areas in the lower back and spine that will relax the nerve ending that directly relate to the digestive system. This will free up any blocked energy and get your system “flowing” by means of voiding or detoxifying the body as a whole.

Contact a local reflexologist today to learn more about how reflexology can help bowel movements.

Reflexology and Bowel Movements

After a reflexology treatment, there may be some side effects that are not the most pleasant but needed to start the process of healing.

A reflexology session helps improve your bodily functions and may result in flatulence or burping. A backed up or clogged colon will cause many stresses on the body that may not be as easy to relate the problems to each other. Some of these symptoms are:

  • feeling sluggish / no energy
  • nausea / vomiting
  • abdominal swelling
  • loss of appetite/weight loss
  • headaches / migraines
  • back pain

Specific parts of the plantar or “bottom” of the feet are worked when a client comes with a issue like constipation. This should be relieved in a short amount of sessions when done close together. This is likely to be set up so there are 3 sessions in a week to 10 day time frame. Many people have a bowel movement or movements after their first session.

Along with reflexology, your client may want to do a flush of the colon or a gall bladder cleanse. This actually cleans your liver, stomach,small / large intestines,kidneys, urinary tract,basically your whole digestive system. A great way to do an internal clean that is not too time consuming, inexpensive and easy to accomplish. You will finish this feeling less bloated, easier bowel movements and be more regular.