Does Reflexology Help With Diabetes?

Many diabetics have asked this question as sometimes those who suffer from this disease have used all other regular medical options.

Reflexology for diabetics provides relief from stress in the body, releases toxins and most importantly for those with diabetes – it increases circulation tremendously. The circulation benefit alone will provide a noticeable difference to many of those individuals with diabetes.

Many diabetics who get treated with reflexology have commented that the regular feeling of tingling or numbness in their hands or feet will often subside after a reflexology treatment.

Although reflexology does not guarantee the same results for everyone (we are all different in some fashion), many people with diabetes have turned to and returned to reflexology to ease their diseases symptoms. Contact your local reflexologist to discover more about how reflexology can help those who have diabetes.

Reflexology Treatment for Diabetics

Reflexology is known to be of special use to those suffering specialized health conditions, but a diabetic’s major concern can sometimes start and end at the feet. Symptoms of diabetes can be poor circulation and numbness in the feet with more serious conditions that may develop over time.

These symptoms are where a reflexologist can provide relief in some cases. Because the treatment focuses so heavily on circulation patients can see changes to their feet in a very short time. Reflexologists who have clients with diabetes need to understand the disease and how it affects certain regions of the body. Because diabetes is a condition of the pancreas not producing proper levels of insulin (or using it correctly), the reflexology therapist should pay closer attention to the reflexes of the pancreas, liver and adrenal glands. Increasing the flow of blood to these areas can help the body’s circulation and oxygen levels to the organs that relate to the disease directly.

A recent patient of mine who suffers from diabetes began to feel a long gone sensation in her toes after a few sessions and has become a regular who looks forward to the treatment and results each and every time. Each patient is different and special attention is required for each with their own unique conditions. Community

Do you have a story as a person living with diabetes who feels the benefits of reflexology or as a reflexologist who maintains a number of diabetes patients? You are encouraged to share your stories here with the community to build a larger reflexology conversation.