Use Reflexology to Ease Migraines Yourself

Often an average headache is more than average. A migraine can occur for any number of reasons, stress, tension, eyesight problems and the list goes on.

At times you can even feel the throbbing strength of the migraine coming way ahead of its’ arrival. When this happens take a minute to stop what you are doing and practice a little reflexology on yourself!

Many people as us for simple techniques that can relieve pain or stress that they can administer themselves. This is by far the top self-reflexology technique for getting rid of migraines or headaches all the same.

Reflexology Raking to Relive Migraines and Headaches:

  1. Take your left hand palm down and place your right hand’s fingers at the base of your left wrist.
  2. Using your fingers and with some ‘comfortable’ pressure drag your right hand’s fingers along the top of your left hand all the way to your left hand’s knuckles.
  3. Lift your fingers off your left hand, place at the wrist again and repeat for at least 20 minutes, remembering to lift off each time.
  4. After 20 minutes (any amount of time is good) switch hands and start on the other hand.
  5. You can repeat as many times you like and even throughout the day at your desk or in some downtime.

Your headache or migraine should at least begin to have a dulling sensation after 20 minutes on each hand. Drinking plenty of water during this process is of benefit as well to relieve your pain.

Please comment and let us know how your first time with reflexology went!