Reflexology Used to Stop Sneezes?

This is a great do it yourself reflexology trick – we had to try it to see for ourselves.

Allergy season, dust or just an old fashioned tickle in your nose, sneezes can come on at the worst of times. Now you can use a little reflexology to help stop them from interrupting a conversation or creating an awkward moment. Follow these instructions to stop a sneeze with a reflexology squeeze:

  • When you feel a sneeze coming on, take your right hand and push firmly in the middle of your thumbnail
  • Hold the pressure until the sneeze feeling goes away (when we tried we applied pressure, let up and re-applied for better results)

When you try this reflexology technique, leave us a comment and let us know how it’s worked and saved you from a sneeze. Special thanks to Helen Fowler (M.A.R.) for pointing out this brilliant bit of reflexology!