Reflexology and The Pituitary Gland

This Endocrine system gland sits behind the bridge of the nose near the center of the brain. Many clients find that there is a sensitivity to this particular point when stimulated. There may be some issues with a hormonal imbalance or may have problems with the Nervous system in which case both systems should be worked to get the best results.

The pituitary gland is responsible for most body organs and other Endocrine system glands. It is in charge of the regulation of mineral and sugar content of the blood, fluid retention and energy levels. This gland also secretes hormones that control uterine contractions and is a great way to naturally bring on labor to a woman who is full term and ready to give birth.

If you have a fever and are in need of relief, press the pituitary reflex in intervals for as long as needed to get the temperature to drop. If you have low blood pressure you will find the pituitary reflex very tender to the touch because it secretes hormones that control blood pressure.

Does Reflexology Really Work?

Of course it does!

Look at you feet as a final destination for over 7000 nerve endings that are connected to every organ, body part and gland in your body. When you massage and use acupressure on these specific points, you are directly stimulating blood flow to the correct areas to increase the function of your body parts that may not be operating at the best capacity.

By using pressure during your treatment, your therapist will be able to break up the disturbance under the skin or (grit) in areas that are of concern and flush them out of the body through the lymphatic system. As a result, many clients find there will be a need to urinate or have bowel movements more frequently directly after a session. This is all great in the eyes of the therapist!

There are many ailments that reflexology can help with and the outcome of treatments always seem to amaze me. To be able to pinpoint a possible problem on the client through the foot and to assist them in the healing process makes us as therapists understand the truly amazing powers that reflexology has on the body.