Energy and Reflexology

There is no question that energy exists in this world and we all need it to survive. The energy field around you can be felt at a arms length of everyone and it is important to remember this all the time in our profession.

As natural therapists, reflexology is a touch therapy and energy is a huge part of the healing process. We are trained to clear the mind before the session starts so we can give all of our attention to the client and listen to the reason why they chose reflexology and help the healing process move forward.

As caregivers, reflexologist or not, the importance of touch therapy and the energy that comes from this has endless amounts of benefits. If you are in a situationĀ  of caring for a sick/terminal or elderly person just by stroking their hand or arm can give them great comfort and keep the nervous system relaxed and ready for what the future will bring. By massaging their hands or feet will release the feel good hormone seritonin and give them a calm state of mind. Massaging a baby when they are fussy will give them a relaxed mental state and hopefully be able to work out what has been bothering them.

Energy is all around us and as reflexologists, we are very aware of the benefits of a clear mind when going into a session with a client. The best advice anyone can give is to make sure you have a therapist that is right for you and feel very comfortable about talking about the reasons for starting reflexology. This way the energy will be good between the client and therapist and that all expectations will be met during the session.