Reflexology for High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure, often called the silent killer, can go undetected and lead to very serious cardiovascular problems. Most high blood pressure can be diagnosed and treated through common, natural solutions like weight loss and dietary restrictions like cutting salt intake or limiting alcoholic drinks.

However most high blood pressure is addressed through patient medication prescriptions. Because of the seriousness of the condition, it is always recommended to take and stick to your physician’s advice – but you can supplement your blood pressure treatment with some reflexology.

Reflexology helps overall circulation in the body, and when your reflexologist targets your heart and related organs for cardiovascular health, it helps reduce your blood pressure.

A study was completed by Dr. Jesus Manzanares, M.D. at the University Hospital Vall DʼHebron and Sagrado Corazon Hospital in Barcelona, Spain. Dr. Manzanares study looked at 54 patients with high blood pressure, and split them into two groups. One group would have a general reflexology treatment done on a regular basis, while the second group would have a specific targeted reflexology session. The target sessions would focus on the heart, predominant frontal cortex, sympathetic thoracic ganglions, and kidneys. When the testing was complete the doctor found that 50% (27 people) were able to achieve lower blood pressure levels, even while reducing their regular medication.

Which Areas of the Feet Will Help High Blood Pressure?

Your heart reflex is located directly under the big toes on both feet, and your kidneys are located almost directly in the middle of each foot. Your reflexologist will be able to target these areas and more to help you with a high blood pressure condition.

You can read the full reflexology and high blood pressure study document here (PDF).

Better Bowel Movements with Reflexology

There is nothing better than to have a “clean” internal system and the comfort knowing that bowel movements come several times a day without a thought to a lot of us.

Unfortunately most of us from time to time have issues with our colon and proves to be very difficult to avoid for many. Whether you are a new born or a senior, reflexology will help get the digestive system working at the best of it’s ability for your specific body.

A healthy individual should have bowel movements about 2-4 hours after each meal, three times a day is best. When this happens the bowels are clean and has little to no parasites or bad bacteria and yeast to complicate the whole digestive system. Headaches will start to decrease and back pain will minimize. The whole body is connected and when an organ, body part or gland is not working at it’s best, systems start to slowly fail and one problem starts to become a chain of many more.

There are special techniques that a reflexologist can do to increase bowel movements that will help many other areas of the body function at its best and in a whole make you feel relaxed and energized. The colon in reflexology is spread across both hands or feet and needs to be firmly stimulated by specific direct pressure.

There are also areas in the lower back and spine that will relax the nerve ending that directly relate to the digestive system. This will free up any blocked energy and get your system “flowing” by means of voiding or detoxifying the body as a whole.

Contact a local reflexologist today to learn more about how reflexology can help bowel movements.